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  • metaverse enterprice

    The Metaverse Enterprise: What It Means for Businesses

    When people talk about the Metaverse, they usually discuss it as a three-dimensional virtual space where users can come together via avatars that resemble them and mimic their movements so that they can interact with each other and the surroundings, which also replicates the physical world with select modifications.  However, the metaverse can also be […] More

  • AR in oil and gas industry

    Augmented reality in oil and gas industry

    How Augmented Reality is solving core challenges in oil and gas industry? Augmented Reality is expanding its reach and has marked its entry in major industries. The technology has immense potential to solve ongoing challenges in industries. Augmented Reality undoubtedly is doing wonders when it comes to education, healthcare, gaming, automotive, constructions, and many more. […] More

  • Augmented Reality in Retail
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    How AR in retail is impacting the retail industry?

    Technology is an ever-changing and ever-evolving field. AR in retail is currently the buzzing topic. Every now and then new innovations are introduced in the market. Among those new innovations, some have the potential to mark disruptive changes in different fields. Augmented Reality is one such highly powerful innovation that is meant to reshape different industries. For […] More

  • Augmented Reality in Fashion

    How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Fashion Industry

    What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a technology in which the user experience an interactive real-world environment. In this environment, the computer-generated images are enhanced. These images are usually touchable and, in some cases, might not be interactive. However, on the other hand, virtual reality is an animation or virtual view in a computer-generated […] More

  • AR and VR technologies

    AR and VR Technologies: What’s the difference?

    Most of the people are often confused with virtual and augmented reality. However, both of these technologies are getting equally famous among peoples of all ages. Furthermore, in future, AR and VR technologies both will cover most of the industries and small business. In detail, VR and AR technologies aren’t the same. These technologies require […] More

  • Mobile Augmented Reality

    Market Augmented Reality: Noticeable Growth

    You need to divide the influencing market elements through the supply side and the future market assessing elements. The forecast estimation is around the frame of around 2029 for future patterns, opportunities, restrictions, and drivers. The Market Augmented Reality helps you to understand it better. Mobile Augmented Reality The mobile augmented reality covers the companies […] More

  • Inaugment
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    How Augmented Reality is transforming brands and industries

    Augmented reality is a combination of a real-world environment with computer-generated images. These images might be touchable while in some case might be non-interactive. While on the other hand, Virtual reality is an entirely different experience for the user as compared to real worlds. In this technology, animations make the virtual environment more entertaining. Both […] More