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    Augmented reality in daily life:10 ways AR will improve your life

    Augmented Reality has reached your home, are you making the most of it or not? If yes, I am proud of your tech-savvy implementation of Augmented Reality in daily life. If no, I am excited to help you with the application. Augmented Reality has invaded my lifestyle and made it immersive. I studied the technology but didn’t implement it in day to day life. I was missing out on the application. But when I started to implement it, I am so happy with the result that I had to share it with you.  Get ready to paint your world with Augmented Reality technology and it will change your lives in ways beyond your imagination. Let’s start:

    Top 10 ways Augmented Reality will improve your life – Augmented Reality in daily life:

    1.     Exercise:

     Time and again we are reminded to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We start to exercise but slow down and stop putting in the effort gradually. We long to stay fit and healthy but lack in putting in the effort. Augmented Reality in daily life will help you to get up and hit it consistently. Augmented Reality adds the fun element to the whole process, pushing you to do more.

    For example, Seek app encourages you to hunt treasures through exercise. You will have to sweat extensively to win. Some startups are working on making the exercise immersive and entertaining by integrating Augmented Reality. It becomes more interesting with the use of Augmented Reality wearable, you can see your progress live and workout accordingly. If you struggle to run daily, try Zombies Run. Zombies Run is a popular AR app, that tricks you to run for 5kms in order to escape zombies. 

    Augmented Reality in daily life

    2.     Education:

    Learning has never been more interactive before. Augmented Reality feeds you with concept-based learning. The use of Augmented Reality in daily life has revolutionised the education world on a large scale. Augmented classrooms during pandemic give a real-like feel. Here, are few amazing  AR apps you can try out to enrich your self with knowledge. If you are interested in detailed insight, have a look at top educational Augmented Reality apps.

    3.     Entertainment:

     I enjoy watching any shows in 2D but Augmented Reality gives you a memorable experience. The set up helps to feel immersed in the ongoing scenes, which gives a real-like feel.  Augmented Reality is everywhere in the entertainment industries from games to songs to movies. Do you love the Marvel series? AR is remarkably used in Captain America, know more here.

    4.     Furniture selection:

     If you are not happy with your existing set of furniture, consider using Augmented Reality in the next purchase. AR-based apps such as IKEA, make it easy to find the right set of furniture that matches the ambience and fits in the place. You just have to place your camera in a suitable space and the furniture will be placed there virtually. It also helps with selecting the apt dimensions. This is one of the best usages of Augmented Reality in daily life. 

    5.     House hunt:

    House hunt is a tiresome and time-consuming process. The pandemic has made the process even tougher. If you do not have time to physically visit all the suggested properties, you can opt for Augmented Reality. Get in touch with Realtors who use AR-based real estate apps to show the property. Augmented Reality apps enable a 3D real-like view of the property. You can thoroughly view the property and then make a decision. This use of Augmented Reality in daily life saves time as well as money. Here is a detailed blog on the impact of Augmented Reality in real estate.

    6.     In-building navigation:

    We have google maps to show the right path to our destination. But, what about the maps for inside the buildings or infrastructure. Many a times it becomes difficult to locate the exact space inside Airport, malls, museums, etc. Augmented Reality will guide you inside the infrastructure and places. The maps of the place are fed in the application, when you search, it overlays the digital information.

    7.     Task Assistance:

    Augmented Reality is a saviour during home appliances failure. Our days and nights rely on mobiles, laptops and other appliances. System failure can cause heavy losses emotionally as well as financially. We rely on these devices to get in touch with our near and dear ones. The need for these devices is now more than ever. With the help of remote assistance, you can quickly fix the issue with the help of experts guidance through Augmented Reality. Here, is an example of how Rachel fixed her broadband issue.

    8.     Travel and lifestyle:

    Augmented Reality makes travel information-rich and fun. You do not have to worry about the hidden beauty at your destination, your hotel room look, etc. Augmented Reality helps to get a beforehand view. You can take a virtual tour of the room and then book it. The AR-based travel apps, fetch all attractive point along with information about the desired places. Wonderful use of Augmented Reality in daily life!

    9.     Online shopping:

    Online shopping has become a day to day thing. Today, we depend on online shopping more than ever. We love online shopping until the selection of dresses, jewellery or footwear confuses us. Augmented Reality offers a try-on solution. The try-on feature allows you to virtually try the product before purchasing. It has eliminated the lack of a trial room during shopping. The retail sector is a heavy user of Augmented Reality.

    10.Surrounding awareness:

     Did you just show interest in getting aware of your surrounding and expanding the pool of knowledge? You are on a morning walk and you want to know the name of plants along the lane, has it ever happened to you? Well, the name of unknown species is just a tap away now. You just have to point the camera on it and the Google lens will fill you with the exact information.

    Wrapping up:

    In these tough times, technology is a blessing. Use Augmented Reality in daily life to smartly fill your life with happiness.




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    Marvel Powers United Virtual Reality A Mighty Missed Possibility

    marvel united powers

    Starting up Marvel Powers United VR for the very first time is like entering a childhood dream. As I played with the beginning, tossing Cap’s shield and listening to Deadpool and Wolverine bicker, I was loaded with joy at just how good every person searched for close and personal.

    Unfortunately, after the beginning enjoyment disappeared, this superhero-powered co-op horde setting video game quickly ended up being repetitive due to the heroes, managers, and maps’ comparable feeling.

    When first revealed Marvel Powers United VR, the suggestion of a virtual reality videogame where you could be your favorite comic book character from the Wonder Cinematic World appeared as well great to be true.

    Typical videogames that I’ve tried to imitate the remarkable powers of superheroes have usually fallen flat, so could Sanzaru Games throw the trend by bringing this might to Virtual Reality? It would certainly be great to say yes, but unfortunately, there are some concerns.

    Bosses can all be battled with a similar method

    Every so often, a boss will certainly turn up that you have to deal with, but they’re not that exciting because whether it’s Magneto or Madame Hydra, they all fight using the very same pattern. The weakest part of a round is the last, in which your team has to accumulate marvel united power cells scattered throughout the map to power up a generator. 

    marvel united power

    A person has to run around and get the cells and commonly has to go to areas without any opponents to get them. That can make you somewhat sick if you’re more of a teleportation sort of VR person. Keep in mind that if you’re playing solo with AI teammates, congratulations: you have to get all eight cells yourself because the AI will not pick up any one of them.

    When you’re playing with buddies in a real team-up fashion

    The good news is, multiplayer protects against marvel powers united VR from becoming straight-out boring. However, you can play single-player with bots like Left 4 Dead or Gears of Battle’s crowd setting, and it’s not a video game suggested to be played with AI teammates. Besides the fact that robots aren’t that skilled, marvel powers united VR goes to its ideal when you’re having fun with good friends in real team-up style, seeing Black Panther bit, as well as establishing incredible combinations in between heroes.

    You can fill out the exchange that is missing in between your characters and divide the much less preferable tasks equitably. And also, when it’s simply you and the AI, you stand at the round’s end display depressing and also alone. Your end screen will possibly feature the Hulk trying to problem right into the floor with real teammates.


    What winds up killing the mood is the absence of an obstacle. Opponents scale in problem-based upon your efficiency, yet it didn’t appear to stay on par with me. I never failed a mission, so I was never forced to adjust and uncover brand-new strategies.

    Different Play Modes of wonder power Functions to Open

    Marvel Powers United VR is a virtual reality video game that feels amazing to play in a solitary gamer setting as it is with a group of friends. There are different stories and action lines available for each personality. The gamers can decide whether they wish to sign up with a team and accomplish numerous goals or obtain involved in specific altercations.

    Regardless of what they pick, each gamer wins factors and experiences with every minute of gameplay. Gradually, they can unlock extra attributes such as customizations for their personality, armors, weapons, new powers, etc. This will release the affordable spirit in every gamer until their hero reaches their best abilities and most advanced powers.

    FAQ Most Frequently Ask Question

     Are marvel powers United Virtual Reality on Oculus pursuit?

    I gathered up The Avengers for Marvel Powers United on the Oculus Pursuit with Web Link. This Virtual Reality Superhero simulator lets you enter the shoes of The Hunk, Spiderman, Deadpool well as numerous others from marvel world. It’s multiplayer, meaning you can join three good friends.

    Is Iron Man in Marvel powers joined?

    Marvel Powers United Virtual Reality’s roster of usable heroes wound up being a quite suitable choice of spandex-wearing super individuals. Yet well, all recognize there was one significant omission from the Oculus Break exclusive Iron Guy.

    Will Iron Male Virtual Reality get on Vapor?

    However, there are currently no revealed Iron Man Virtual Reality plans to release on Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Shutoff Index, or Windows Mixed Fact headsets. The game is being made as a PS4 exclusive and in cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, acting as the author.

    Is the break s far better than the break?

    The Rift S makes use of a single display screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 with a refresh rate of 80 Hz. The refresh rate on the Rift S is unquestionably lower than the original Oculus Rift, yet side-by-side, I can not find a difference, even in high-res experiences. With the appropriate PC equipment, the gameplay is liquid-smooth.

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    5 Best Augmented Reality Stocks To Acquire Now

    augmented reality stocks

    There is an expanding proliferation of best-augmented reality stocks across the world. Many technology firms believe that AR, which digitally improves real-world environments, is the next large computing platform.

    The significance of AR has already been understood by many organizations in the COVID-19-hit world, which has developed a niche for digital working and finding atmospheres. AR practices are being adopted in consumer, retail, video gaming, home entertainment, manufacturing, health and wellness, and tourist fields across the globe.

    Apple Inc has recently introduced the ARKit 4, the current variation of its open-source increased fact development devices. It creates a new method to gain access to deepness information on the iPad Pro, in addition to area anchoring as well as face monitoring.

    Apple Inc. is presently dealing with two AR jobs: an increased truth headset anticipated to launch in 2022 and increased truth glasses coming with a later day. These interesting items are why Apple Inc. is just one of the best-augmented reality stocks currently purchased.

    Another business utilizing AR in a cutting-edge method is Etsy, Inc, which recently introduced enhanced reality assistance in its phone application. This enables individuals to overlay Etsy, Inc items in various areas to provide a practical sight of what it would certainly appear like in reality.

    This feature will certainly likewise aid Etsy, Inc. cut back on product returns. Etsy, Inc’s supply has gained 166% over the last year.

    Checklist Of Best Augmented reality stocks


    QUALCOMM Incorporated takes part in the advancement and commercialization of foundational modern technologies and items are used in mobile devices and various other wireless items, consisting of network devices, broadband gateway equipment, consumer digital gadgets, and also various other connected devices worldwide. The company is well-positioned to maximize the mainstreaming of augmented reality

    qualcom stocks

    In recent years ago, QUALCOMM Incorporated announced that it will establish a chipset especially for AR and also Virtual Reality applications, which will certainly be a turn-key option for designers that want to bring AR glasses to the marketplace.

    The business introduced its first increased fact (AR) recommendation style based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 System, which is outfitted to supply high-performance, immersive experiences, as well as lower power usage.

    Throughout the first quarter of financial 2021, the business returned $1.2 billion to investors, including $739 million, or $0.65 per share, of cash dividends, paid and $444 million with repurchases of 3 million shares of common augmented reality stock.

    2- Sony Group

    Sony Group Company designs develop, generates, and markets digital devices, instruments, and devices for the consumer, expert, and industrial markets worldwide. It lately showed models of augmented fact headsets used in the Ginza Sony Park in Japan. The firm has also established the Smart eyeglass, which has a SED-100A holographic display screen component and waves in the AR globe. 

    sony ar stocks

    The Smart EyeGlass includes an integrated 3MP video camera, audio speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 connection, and numerous other attributes made to deliver a fully immersive increased experience to its customers. 

    The Japanese electronics and amusement giant reported that take-home pay for 2020 expanded 101% to $10.7 billion. Its total sales increased by 9% to $82.5 billion, making Sony Team Corporation among the most best augmented reality stocks.

    3- Break Inc

    Break Inc. is a California-based cam and social media firm that has created and keeps numerous technological products and services, including Snapchat, Bitmoji, and Spectacles. The firm has been investing in AR for years.

    It began with creating filters that overlay people’s faces in selfies to create impacts. Snap Inc. has validated that it is ready to release its new increased reality glasses, which will certainly put electronic content before peoples’ eyes at all times. 

    The company also introduced a partnership with Samsung, including Snapchat Lenses, on choosing new smartphones. The company’s solid quarterly record makes a bullish situation for the Breeze supply making it one of the very best increased reality supplies to get currently.

    4- Vuzix

    Vuzix layouts produce, market, and offer enhanced truth (AR) wearable screen and computing devices for the customer and venture markets. The primary application of its clever glasses is business which is why its products are being utilized by a doctor, manufacturers, area provider, storage facility employees, and automotive firms in their workflow. 

    vuzix stocks

    Deliberately venture remedies, Vuzix Company has created a niche within the bigger AR area. On January 25, the company announced that it has partnered with the abroad subsidiaries of KDDI Team, among Asia’s biggest telecom carriers, to give its wise glasses to clients worldwide.

    Vuzix’s profits record states that its fourth-quarter earnings raised more than 100% year-over-year to over $4 million, versus $1.96 million in the 2019 quarter. Vuzix has seen share rates boost from less than a dollar to more than $24 per share in the past year. 

    5- Facebook

    Facebook developed the first advantage in the VR market when it obtained Oculus VR. It released its initial customer Virtual Reality headset for Computers in 2016.

    However, over the past three years, Facebook has focused on developing stand-alone VR headsets that do not call for high-end Computers or smart devices. Those initiatives started with the Oculus Enter 2017 and proceeded with the Oculus Quest in 2019 and the Oculus Quest 2 in 2020.

    facebook augmented reality stocks

    Facebook likewise apparently plans to launch its AR glasses developed with EssilorLuxottica’s Ray-Ban, later this year after nearly four years of growth. Nonetheless, customers could not be that excited to get the sophisticated specifications, including face acknowledgment attributes, amidst the continuous personal privacy problems about Facebook’s system.

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    AR in Apple clips- users can play with new filters powered by LiDAR

    AR in apple clips has new space now! I love playing with Augmented Reality filters. Filters bring life in the photos and videos. Augmented Reality is currently being used more than ever in different spheres. The technology has expanded its use cases from fun and entertainment to defence and healthcare. The diversified implementation garners the attention of businesses as well as common people.

    AR in apple clips

    (source- Apple blog)

    If you are an Apple user, here is an amazing addition to your Augmented Reality filters stack. Apple has used LidAR to add more realistic features in the clip. The clip is the video app on iPhones and iPad. The new addition due to AR in Apple clips is available in iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro Max, iPad pro. Before, knowing the details of these attractive features, let us know first thing first.

    What is LiDAR?

    LidAR abbreviated for Light Detection and Ranging sense the range of lights on earth using a laser. It uses remote sensing technology to measure light ranges. The origin of LIDAR goes back to the 1960s, the technology saw the tinge of popularity in the 1980s for geospatial measurements. In the early years, the use was limited, now is used in different fields. One of the best uses of LidAR is in Augmented Reality technology.

    LiDAR helps augmented Reality to map the surface so that it can accurately overlay computer-generated images on the surface. LiDAR supports accurate 3D mapping that enhances the beauty of Augmented Reality technology. You can accurately place virtual objects on the desired space such as a table, stairs, etc.

    What does LiDAR do on the iPhone or iPad:

    If you have never heard of LiDAR, it doesn’t mean it is not present in your life. LidAR tends to change the way we see the world. It more often remains under the hood and has a significant impact on the functioning of augmented reality. Apple has integrated LidAR in its recent iPad and iPhone launches.

    LidAR used in apple function better in a room as it is able to map the distance up to 16 feet. Apple is consistently engaged in marking its footprint on the Augmented Reality technology. This is the newest attempt that aims to offer a faster and better AR experience. The smartphones that have LidAR sends light pulses waves in the form of infrared dots and map the dimensions of the space. It is similar to Face ID in smartphones but the feature varies due to the range.

    The role of LiDAR in Apple clips:

    This video editing software is developed for making and sharing short videos for fun. The creator economy is rising currently. Clips make the videos much more fun and interactive with the help of Augmented Reality.

    Developers have added new filters in clip version 3.1. You can scan the space using LidAR and add amazing filters to your videos. LiDAR helps in accurately mapping the place which allows overlaying the filters at exact dimension. These magical effects almost transform your world.

    Apple Clips AR: easy-to-use video creation app

    Video creators can record videos using filters powered by LidAR and Augmented Reality. The innovative integration of AR in clips allows creators to record captivating videos and share them with friends and family. The immersive visual effects brighten up the existing space and give a completely new vibe. The videos will help influencers in getting eyeballs and can level up their game. This video-editing app has loads of filters and stickers.

    How will AR in Apple Clips transform your space?

    Apple Augmented Reality has introduced seven new filters in clips that are prism, confetti, disco, dance floor, sparkles, stardust and hearts. You can expect new addition every month.

    ·         Overlay lasers on your floors and walls:

    The Prism effect has ribbons of rainbow lights. These lights will scan your floors and walls in a room.

    ·         Fill your space with confetti:

    While creating a celebration video you can use a confetti filter to fill the flat surface. See the GIF for reference.


    ·         Disco filter – AR in apple clips:

    Video creators can use shining light filters to bring life to their party videos. These filters hang from the ceilings.

    ·         Hearts and sparkles:

    Floating hearts filter will fill your room. You can also use a sparkle filter to make your space look glittery and shiny. AR with the help of LiDAR identifies your location and put the filter in front and behind you giving a real-like feel.

    ·         Dance floor:

    This filter shows a colourful pattern on your floor and gives a dance floor vibe.

    The upgraded version of clips:

    Now, you can play with confetti, Augmented Reality lasers, hearts, and other room-filling effects in your eye-catching videos. The official Apple’s blog says,” the video can be recorded in all aspect ratios in Clips, including 9:16 vertical, 16:9 horizontal and square”.  The update makes the video much more interesting and captivating. If you are in a blank room, with no DJ vibes, no worries! AR in Apple clips will add a vibe to your videos. Below, is the demo, how your video might look like! Augmented Reality in Apple clips offers a lot more effects, these effects can be used with emojis and stickers as well.


    Wrapping up

    With the integration of new AR spaces,  Apple has levelled up the mobile creator game. Short videos are getting huge traction these days. The interesting addition due to AR in Apple clips suggests immense ways for video creators to create quirky and immersive videos. Tim Cook now and then shows interest in Augmented Reality technology. We have heard him saying great things about AR. Apple is leaving no stone unturned to globalize the Augmented Reality technology. In the conversation with Kara Swisher, Tim Cook said, “You and I are having a great conversation right now. Arguably, it could even be better if we were able to augment our discussion with charts or other things to appear. I’m already seeing AR take off in health, education, retail and gaming with the use of phone. And I think the promise is even greater in the future”.  We hear talks about AR glasses and headsets.

    Reference: Apple blog





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    How Amazon salon with Augmented Reality will revamp customers’ experience

    Believe it or not, Augmented Reality has been around you for decades now. Here, we have Amazon salon with Augmented Reality now. The visibility, popularity and awareness have increased in the past couple of years. In 2016, the Augmented Reality term became the go-to words for game enthusiast out there. Pokémon Go developed by Niantic inaugurated a new world of Augmented Reality. The possibility is limitless.  Gradually technology expanded its uses cases and has stepped into an array of industries. I have been repeating and reminding you often about the contribution of big players like Google, Facebook, Apple in the Augmented Reality world. Today, let’s dive deep and measure the steps of the largest eCommerce company – Amazon- in the Augmented Reality Kingdom.

    (source)- Amazon blog

      Augmented Reality has a deep impact on the beauty and fashion industry. It has revamped the way we do online shopping. The Augmented Reality technology is useful in in-store shopping as well.  

      Amazon is the wizard in the eCommerce sector. The business model of Amazon allows it to experiment in other industries as well. Amazon introduced Amazon Prime for entertainment and Amazon academy for education. And, now Amazon has stepped into the Shopping and entertainment industry.

    The objective of Amazon salon:

    Amazon salon with Augmented Reality

    Amazon is up for experimenting with new technologies and enriching customer’s experience. Amazon will launch a hair salon in London’s East End Spitalfields area. It will use Augmented Reality to help customers choose the best hair colour shade on them.  The motto of Amazon salon with Augmented Reality is to “ try the latest industry technology” and introduce “point and learn technology” to customers. If you love to dye your hair, doesn’t this sound interesting?

    A revamped customer experience at Amazon salon

    Technology either makes our life simpler, easier or fun and interesting. Amazon Salon with Augmented Reality aims to offer both kinds of experiences. You can quickly purchase the products available at Amazon salon just by scanning the QR code.  Amazon is keen to offer fresh and intriguing customers’ experience, which include:

    ·         Experiment with virtual hair colour:

    Customers can test different colours on their hair virtually with the help of Augmented Reality. Amazon has hired experts to assist customers and help them in taking the best decision. Augmented Reality offers a real-like virtual image of your hair in the colour you prefer. This makes it easier to decide which colour will go with your look.

    ·         Entertainment on Fire tablets at Amazon Salon with Augmented Reality:

    (source- Amazon blog)

    Amazon is devoted to further enhance the user experience by allowing access to audios, videos, news, book, etc. The entertainment on fire tablets will keep users engaged. The fire tablets will be available at each styling station. Customers can have a good time while the styling process.

    ·         Can capture the new look:

    This is interesting, but it raises few questions as well. Will the image captured be collected by Amazon? What will Amazon do with these data further? Though Amazon has declined to collect customer’s data generated through AR experience but is quiet about the non-persons data collecting.

    ·         A fresh purchasing experience:

    (source-Amazon blog)

    Along with Amazon Salon, the company simultaneously introduces “ Point and learn technology” to customers. This fresh purchase experience will make the shopping easier and will help in increasing the store product revenue. Customers will just have to point to the ranges of beauty products  – all from the professional brand -available at the store. Amazon will display the information about the product in the form of graphics, audio and video. Customers can know the usage of products, their manufacturing, etc. It further eases the purchasing by allowing customers to order the product just by scanning the QR code. The QR code will be present on the display.

    As soon as a customer will scan the QR code, the product will pop on the Amazon online store from where the user can buy. The product will directly reach their home. Isn’t this a fresh purchase experience?

    The test and trial period:

    Amazon says, it has no intention to open the store at any other location. Amazon has set up Amazon Salon with Augmented Reality exclusively for London customers. The store in the initial period will be open only for Amazon employees. After the test and trial, customers will be welcomed at the Amazon salon.

    Why on earth did Amazon take this initiative?

    Amazon took this initiative to experiment with the latest technology. For now, the target audience is the public. Later on, the ultimate customers will be businesses involved in the beauty industry.

    List of hair and beauty services Amazon Salon will offer?

    Amazon salon is interested in offering a range of hair and beauty services. The service is open for customers of any age. The target audience is adults and Children.  Amazon has recruited Elena  Lavagni, for Haircare and styling services. She has more than two decades of experience in this field and aims to put clients at the heart of everything. Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair and Beauty says, “ I am delighted to be a part of this project – the salon combines classic hairdressing services with technology to deliver a completely unique experience for clients. Our creative team of stylists, whose flair for hair is as intrinsic as their love for technology, will put the client at the heart of everything they do. I feel proud to use our 40 years experience in the industry to help bring this salon to life”.

    Hair and beauty services that Amazon salon with Augmented Reality will offer include the following:

    (source- Amazon blog)

         Texturizer treatment (Hair professionals will help customers to loosen up the curls for easy combing ), Balayage,  Cut and blow-dry, full-head highlights and braids.

    What do you expect?

    Does this showcase the company’s interest in entering into the beauty and hair industry – A marketing experiment? Or, do you think the store is just a medium to experiment with the latest technology? My research pushes me to go with the former.

    Amazon’s love for technology is immense. This is not the first time Amazon is experimenting, the previous project aimed for cashier-less payment called payment one.

    Reference:   https://blog.aboutamazon.co.uk/shopping-and-entertainment/introducing-amazon-salon





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    Impact of Augmented Reality in real estate- the next level visualization

    It is a difficult task to buy the property just based on 2D images. The uncertainty continues and we finally decide to give a visit to the spot to get satisfaction. But travel and pandemic do not go hand in hand. Do not worry, technology never disappoints us! Give a try at Augmented Reality in real estate.  The Augmented Reality technology is the saviour.

    Augmented Reality in real estate has a massive influence in locking the property deal. Real estate is lucrative and one of the most profitable business sector. The Augmented reality in real estate is bridging the gap between virtual and reality. We are blessed with technology that allows us to do the work – take the important decision-at the comfort of our couch.

    A report by Goldman Sachs predicts, AR and VR market in real estate will reach at least $80 billion by 2025.”

     In this article, I will highlight the difficulties faced by buyers before finalizing the property in the pandemic or otherwise. Simultaneously I Will show, how the use of Augmented Reality in real estate is solving these issues. I will also mention how realtors can benefit from Augmented Reality in real estate. Let us see, whether Augmented Reality in real estate is the future of the real estate business or not?

    Difficulties faced by buyers and solutions:

    ·         Property view

    Property view is the most critical and important in the real estate business. While looking for a property it is difficult for buyers to know the exact features through photos and videos. The 2D view limits the breathtaking view of the property and leaves the prospect unsatisfied. Augmented Reality is the most realistic alternative to this. Buyers can get a 3D real-like view of the property.

    Read also: Marketing potential of Spark AR for Instagram

    ·         Uncertain about how the design will look after construction

    Augmented Reality in real estate gives life to your thought. If you are unsure which design will look best on the floor or which colour should I chose for the wall, AR helps here. Buyers can have a better perspective and visualization through Augmented Reality technology.

    ·         Brochures are not satisfying


    Suppose you are sitting in London and you are searching for a property in the USA. Now, it’s difficult to squeeze time from a hectic schedule for travelling and seeing each property. The brochure will show you the image, but images on paper do not do justice. It leaves us confused and unsatisfied. We have an alternative in this tech era.

    A realtor has enough property details in the brochure, but on the page, it looks lifeless. It is very difficult to imagine how the property will exactly look. The AR technology brings life to the brochure. You just have to bring your mobile camera and you can get an immersive view of the amazing building standing on it.

    The 360-degree view of the interior and exterior gives rest to the confusion and uncertainty. This is not only a great way to shortlist the desired property, but you can also go for the final purchase. Augmented Reality will give you a real-like feel as if you are on the spot and viewing. It helps in better visualization of even minute things such as the home décor, the furniture, the design, washroom settings, etc. Augmented Reality offers a great way to scale the business of real estate marketers. Marketers can help the potential customers to get a feel of how it will exactly be.

    Happy purchase in the USA!

    ·         The future look!

    When a customer looks for a plot, or see the images of the plot, they are unsure about the layout and design. Realtors with the help of the AR app can help customers to figure the right layout for the existing plot. AR apps also show how the apartment will look, once the construction is done. Customers can also see how their existing furniture, appliances, etc. will look in the future apartment.  The future look works as the USP (Unique Selling point) of the property. For example, you can use the immobiliar app to get information about the property and know-how your office space or dining space will look.

    ·         Commuting issues

    It is not possible to commute and see the property every time. The integration of Augmented Reality in real estate saves the time and money of Realtor as well as buyer. During the pandemic, the need for Augmented Reality technology has spiked more than ever.

    Advantages of integrating Augmented Reality in real estate for the business:

    Augmented Reality in Real estate

    ·         Effective marketing:

     Product and marketing are heart and soul in the digital era. An impactful increases the success rate. Augmented Reality in real estate makes marketing interactive and immersive. Augmented Reality in real estate is the biggest asset for real estate marketers. It is high time for real estate marketers to get over the dull newspaper advertisement and embrace Augmented Reality technology in the advertisement. People remember experiences and this influences their decision.

    ·         Easy to convert leads into customers:

     Customers are more certain about the property after having a 3D view. The ability to see the potential of the property with the help of Augmented Reality has proven to be a game-changer. Realtors can make their potential customers visualize their future home.

    ·         Interactive property models:

    Realtors or agencies can set up different models as per client’s wish to fir their future life. Augmented Reality brings life to the model and makes it interactive. You get the flexibility to personalize the experience using Augmented Reality for your clients.

    ·         Better client engagement:

     Augmented Reality is fascinating technology. Clients are more interested in seeing and getting a better experience using technology. Agencies or Realtors can sustain client and engage them using Augmented Reality in real estate. It makes house hunting simple and specific. The in-detail display of property intrigues the client.

    ·         Bridges the distance limitation: 

    Augmented Reality allows bridging the distance gap by offering a real-like view of the property. For eg, someone looking to invest in property before moving in or someone looking to invest in different countries. Augmented Reality gives a real-like view that eases decision making.

    If you enjoyed this, read busting Augmented Reality myths.



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    Busting common Augmented Reality myths

    Let us get rid of Augmented Reality myths. Augmented Reality is in the transformative phase. You must have heard the term Augmented Reality unless, of course, you are not under the shell or in hibernation. The technology is not new anymore but still the most buzzing tech word. Now, and then, we see a new introduction in the AR world. Some innovations have immense potential to make desirable change some fades with time.

    There is a lot of hype going around the Augmented Reality technology, with popularity accompanies Augmented Reality myths. These myths if believed misguide the users. With all positive news shining around in terms of statistics, it is harmful to be carried away by Augmented Reality myths. Here, I will be busting the most prominent myths prevailing in the world of Augmented Reality.

    Top Augmented Reality myths- and busting:

    1.      Augmented Reality does not have the potential to make big into the industry.

    Technology is doing wonders in terms of numbers and reach. Back in 2016 when AR was dominantly limited to the gaming world, this myth could be right. But now, that, we know the technology is equally valuable in multiple high in-demand sectors such as –healthcare, defence, automotive, retail, education, etc – there is no place for these Augmented Reality myths.

    To back up my analysis, here I have the statistics for you, grand view research says, “ the global augmented reality market size was valued at USD 17.67 billion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.8% from 2021 to 2028.” “The estimated AR market value by 2024 is $50B.”. As per Statista, “Mobile AR market size in 2021 is 8.9 bn USD”.

    2.      The technology is only for certain industries


    Not anymore. The technology is gradually stepping into multiple industries with the potential to bring revolutionary changes. For example,  years before sometimes the patient had to face the consequences of lack of apt treatment to an unknown disease. But now, with the help of technology doctors can take the help of fellow doctors living far away in diagnosing new diseases. This has revolutionized the healthcare system. The pandemic has spiked the need for the integration of Augmented reality.

    ·         The automotive segment is expected to exhibit a CAGR of over 45.0% over the forecast period”

    ·         61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences.

    ·         A report by Pharmiweb says, “The AR and VR in the Healthcare market are expected to rise at an annual rate of 34.00% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027 due to the rapid development in the healthcare sector”.

    ·         A research by a business research company says, “The global augmented reality in training and education market is expected to grow from $8.34 billion in 2020 to $10.23 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 22.7%. The market is expected to reach $29.89 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 31%”.

    The technology is hugely impacting multiple industries to a varying degree as stated above. AR has a massive impact on defence as well. Read our recent article here. It is high time you stop believing in these Augmented Reality myths.

    3.      The Augmented Reality technology cannot reach to masses.

    With the increasing usage of technology its reach increases. The technology is shining in business world sectors and rocking in consumers sectors. In the business world, it helps to streamline the workflow, enhances the training, prevent millions of losses, saves a life, modifies the quality of work and so on.

    In the consumer world, the research says, “71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR”. Augmented Reality helps to enhance the user experience. Medical school students can get better training, learners can have concept-based learning, Augmented Reality filters are great to have fun with. Technology has reached to masses. The impressive filters that you use via Snapchat and Instagram, is the result of Augmented Reality. Let us get over this Augmented Reality myth- AR technology cannot reach to masses. It already has!

    4.      The technology is designed exclusively for business purpose

    The technology is designed for business usage as well as consumer’s usage. Augmented Reality application impacts consumers on a large scale. Don’t you enjoy fun-based immersive learning using Augmented Reality?  Though Augmented Reality devices such as HUDs are limited to business so far. This is because these are costly and before launching them for commercial uses the creators need to find ways to reduce the price.

    5.      Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the same

    Augmented Reality myths

    No! Read this article to know the significant difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and bust this Augmented Reality myth.

    6.      AR technology will violate privacy and private life.

    With the introduction of Google Glasses for the first time, privacy was a huge concern. But gradually developers worked on it and now make sure to prioritize privacy. With multiple smart glasses and HUDs in the market now, we are over this Augmented Reality myth. These devices are being highly appreciated and here are the statistics-

    “The handheld devices segment is expected to register CAGR of over 45.0% from 2021 to 2028 owing to the growing deployment of handheld devices in retail and e-commerce applications.“

    7.      AR has reached its exit potential

    This is just the initial years of Augmented Reality and the term is buzzing all around. The entry has been groundbreaking and the future seems bright. A lot has been explored and a lot is yet to explore!

    Tim cook says, “ I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.”

    Augmented Reality has established itself as a game-changing technology in the past few years. Every year, we come across new application of Augmented Reality in different sectors. I am excited to see what the technology has in store. Has the future arrived, before us realizing it? 

    What is your say?


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    Mobile Augmented Reality – The Marmite Problem

    mobile augmented reality

    From time to time I get into discussions about the value that mobile augmented reality browsers play and their usefulness. I’m always armed with a demo and pretty much every time I show a demo of Wikitude the audience loves it. My bank manager for example thinks augmented reality is fantastic, and so he should after all the impromptu demos he has seen. However, not everyone has the same reaction. I and Nitin were at a Mobile Brain Bank meeting last week and the audience was, let’s say “not fans” of mobile augmented reality browsers.

    A recent comment from Paul on a previous post raises a valid point about mobile AR in general:

    I simply don’t see the advantage over using a map. Less battery consuming, no need to hold the phone weirdly, you can still visualize data to figure out the direction the POI is, etc.

    I like to think of mobile augmented reality browsers as a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

    Love it:

    Take an example of finding your nearest tube/subway station. Looking at the AR view isn’t going to help you navigate your way to the station, but navigation isn’t the point. The AR view is useful in helping you get your bearing and to begin walking in the right direction, while the map view is useful for the finer points of navigating.

    augmented reality browser

    AR browsers are fantastic for getting data about your surroundings. Pointing the camera at a landmark and seeing the information bubble near the landmark helps visualize that the two are linked. In contrast, looking at a map in an unfamiliar area that has several POIs takes some checking to get orientated.

    Hate it:

    Accuracy fails in two ways, physical errors with the recorded locations of POIs (I have written on the subject many times), and general GPS accuracy. In the perfect world when I point my phone at a POI the information bubble should be on or around the object, in reality, it never really matches up to the marketing screenshots and is often several degrees away from the target. Of course, it should be said this is the nature of GPS and not the application.

    The biggest hurdle to overcome with mobile AR is as Paul mentions, holding the phone weirdly, I can understand that. Personally, I don’t like waving around my iPhone and advertising it to potential opportunist thieves and I’m highly unlikely to take out my phone and wave it around while looking for somewhere to eat.

    The Camera View Argument :

    A lot of people will argue that the camera view serves no purpose. If you put your finger over the lenses the application doesn’t notice and carries on plotting the POIs regardless.  Very true, but the usefulness depends on the data you are viewing and how you want to use it. Viewing a POI in the camera such as a tourist attraction or a house for sale and then being able to click on the information bubble for more information is a clear benefit. Waving my device around to view people who are tweeting around me is not so useful.


    3D augmented reality also suffers from the Marmite problem. I like Junaio which has many rich 3D images and a social networking engine to share content, and I like the Layar layer to take a virtual Beatles tour of London as its engaging, but I have evolved beyond the need to take a photo of a crudely drawn object outside my office window.

    I see both sides of the Marmite argument and will probably never be able to convince someone to change their point of view. But what I like about mobile augmented reality is the variety of different POIs that are available. I’ll agree that not all of them are useful, and not all of them make sense in the camera window, but they are all fun to try.

    What about you, love mobile AR or hate it?

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    Top innovative examples of Augmented Reality in marketing

    Augmented Reality is blurring the line between virtual and Reality. Are you interested in seeing outstanding examples of Augmented Reality in marketing? I got you covered.

    Augmented Reality is changing the working landscape. The ability to extend and enhance the user experience makes Augmented Reality stand out from the crowd. Users are transforming from an age where audio and video experience were renowned to an age where olfactory and other immersive stimuli will take over. We are living in a digitalized world, and with the second hit of the pandemic, businesses will rely more on online marketing. Technologies like Augmented Reality make it engaging and interactive.

    Research says, “ AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase reaction rates by 20 per cent and improve click-through rate to purchase by 33 per cent.  Since AR is new in the market, it is easy to grab and hold the attention of customers using Augmented Reality. People are intrigued and keen to experience the impact of Augmented Reality in marketing. Seeing the hype and wow-some factor of Augmented Reality technology, marketers are planning to integrate it into their business. This is a proven study by netimperative for UK marketers which says, “nearly 10% of marketing managers already have a functioning augmented or Virtual reality aspect of their campaigns. 72% of marketing managers are planning to use augmented and/or virtual reality technologies as part of their marketing strategies”.

    This means in coming years Augmented Reality will take the form of must-to have-technology rather than a distinguishing or good-to-have technology in the business. Businesses need to get with the trend to satisfy the need of the customers. For example, back, when the internet was rolling out, the companies who avoided embracing it had to face huge losses. Some had to quit the game and the other took years to get back in the game. Seeing the umpteen belief of big players like Google, Facebook and Apple in the technology, marketers are inspired to integrate AR into the system.

    In the current period, marketers do not have to think much about the concept behind AR-enable marketing campaigns. Since it is easier to hold the user’s attention.  But gradually, when Augmented Reality will be the go-to method, marketers have to be cautious and mindful in the usage of Augmented Reality technology.

    Augmented Reality in marketing

    So, here I have listed the most innovative usage of Augmented Reality in marketing by marketers. You can take inspiration and plan effectively for yours.

    Innovative examples of Augmented Reality in marketing:

    ·         Netflix

    Augmented Reality in marketing

    I love binge-watching my favourite shows. And it becomes all the way more interesting when Netflix embraces Augmented Reality technology to enhances the user experience.

    The multi-millionaire video streaming platform has embraced Augmented Reality technology to promote its upcoming Netflix series. For example, it collaborated with Snapchat to promote strangers things. Users get to play the game, where they can travel to the dangerous storeroom and record the video, similar to the rooms in the series. This increases the hype around Netflix original series and catches the attention of users. It took a step ahead and used Augmented Reality filters to promote Stranger things. When you bring the camera in front of your face, weird and scary creatures will spring to life and scare you.

    ·         IKEA

    Do you love to purchase the product with lots of uncertainty in your head? I don’t! Augmented Reality has a solution for us. As a consumer, I enjoy the experience of Augmented Reality in marketing. Many a time we are confused with the colour combination or how the purchase will strike the ambience at home.

    IKEA understood the pain points of shoppers and integrated Augmented Reality into their business. You can bring your phone to the desired space and the technology will place the furniture at the exact location virtually. This virtual form of reality is better than just going for the product based on imagination.

    ·         Home Depot

    Are you thinking of renovating your place? Paint your wall or change the colour of the walls? Home decoration is a tedious task. Our home colour plays important role in setting our mood. Some love bright and funky colours, the other prefer peaceful and subtle colour. With so many colours available, it is not easy to decide the best fit colour.

    Here, we have an alternative. Instead of finalizing based on imagination, you can opt for Augmented Reality. Home Depot launched the Project colour app to market as well as solve customer’s confusion. You just have to point the camera on your wall and a plethora of colour combination will pop up. Choose what looks the best.

    ·         AMC theatres


    Timing matters a lot in marketing. The perfect time to deliver the message leads to a successful marketing strategy. Augmented Reality helps businesses in sending messages to users at the right time. AMC theatre has strategized its promotion accordingly.

    Though we have the option to watch the new releases on youTube, it becomes much more convenient to Augmented Reality. Suppose, you saw a poster and you want to know the detail. You just have to place the camera in front of the poster and all the details along with the trailer will display on the screen. Further, you can get the option to book the ticket. When you are at the theatre to watch a movie, what else could be better than this one-stop solution?

     Wrapping up:

    The ability of Augmented Reality to offer new solutions to different industries which were alien concept a few years before, make the technology much more interesting. The technology is maturing into a powerful tool that offers a wide range of solutions. Let’s see what there is ahead in store!

    The early entrants get the benefit and are ahead of the competitors. Here, I have mentioned examples of a few early birds implementing Augmented Reality in marketing.  Some companies are making the most of AR technology some are yet to tap its potential.

    I enjoyed writing, did you enjoyed reading?



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    Layar Now In 3D | Future Of Augmented Reality

    layar app

    Layer 3.0 In Android :

    Layar 3.0 was released yesterday to the Android Marketplace. I don’t have a Google Android device so my blog is based on the information I have pieced together rather than a physical test. The good news however is Augmented Planet is expanding and we’ll soon be joined by a former colleague of mine, Nitin Samani who is going to be our Android correspondent.

    The big change with 3.0 is the 3D engine. Developers can now build rich 3D content to make your augmented reality viewing even better. 


    Lets’ imagine you are on holiday in London and you are a Beatles fan. If you already use an augmented reality browser, chances are there is a tourist attraction database where you’d be able to find out find where The Beatles played. As you walk around London you could use your augmented reality browser to find Beatles-related POI’s and you’ll get useful information like directions and a link to a website where you can read more, or using Layar 3.0 you could take The Beatles Tour.

    Augmented Reality in Layer 3D :

    The Beatles Tour developed by a London-based company and fellow augmented reality blogger is one of the most exciting launch layers available. Start the tour, and you are guided to the first location where you have a unique picture opportunity with Ringo, Paul, John, and George on the famous zebra crossing in Abbey Road

    As soon as you’re done, the tour guide directs you to the next location and photo opportunity. All in all the tour has 42 locations for you to visit.

    Tours sound like a great way to engage users, thinking out loud you could create a tour and generate revenue by having restaurants sign up to be part of the tour. If you were taking The Jack The Ripper Tour, after 28 stops you could be directed to stop off for a bite to eat. How much would a restaurant pay to be included?


    At the moment there are 6 layers available (list here) but there are lots more planned.  I’m looking forward to the iPhone version so I can run a proper test.

    Is Layar v3.0 Ios Support :

    Layar v3.0 can now be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market and is available for all Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices. Layar will release a compatible version for the Droid as soon as possible. Layar has almost finished testing for Android 2.0, and good news for iPhone owners, a version for the iPhone 3GS is to follow as soon as Apple approves.

    Is Layer 3D Support Symbian :

    The Symbian world is pretty barren right now. The main problem has been the lack of a compass which only arrived with the Nokia N97. 

    The other problem is the lack of an application store making it hard to track down applications. With the iPhone, it’s a simple matter of searching the store every few days to see what’s new. That said there are some Symbian apps and you’ll find links to them in the application gallery.

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    Google Goggles What This Means For Augmented Reality


    Excellent overview of Google Goggles :

    Now the dust and the wow factor has settled from the Google Goggles announcement a few days back. I thought it would be interesting to take a more in-depth look at what this means to the augmented reality industry.

    Multi-Search Topics :

    There are demos and plenty of taking photos of book covers to retrieve reviews and online prices. If you are new to augmented reality then it’s actually not that new. SnapTell has both an iPhone and Android application that provides this functionality.

    Just take a picture of the cover of a DVD, CD, Book, or Video Game, and the software uploads the image to the SnapTell server and runs image recognition to compare the picture against likely matches. Once a match is found you get the usual mix of online reviews and cheaper prices.

    Recognizing a barcode image I would assume is a lot less complex than recognizing a book cover since there are fewer colors and shapes to contend with.

    google goggles

    Barcode shopping is another feature of Google Goggles and again there are various products available that provide the same functionality, ShopSavvy on the Android or RedLaser on the iPhone are just a few examples.

    I use RedLaser from time to time to see just how obscure the product range is. GoCat Tuna and Herring cat crunchies are the most obscure product I have managed to have recognized so far. To compete with Google’s logo recognition there’s GetFugu for the Android, iPhone, and the Blackberry so again nothing new there.

    Goggles will search on wine bottle logos which as far as I know are unique as I don’t know any other application that does that today, but I’m sure it’s only a small leap from recognizing a book cover to recognizing a wine label.

    You might think that I’m having a dig at Google but far from it, just because they do not first do not make the application any less cool. There are some really fantastic features in Google Goggles that make me drool.

    I’m no art buff but Goggles will enable me to become an art critic and give me relevant information about major pieces of art, all I need to do is sneak a crafty picture when the security guard isn’t looking and Goggles will tell me the name of the picture and the artist.

    Fantastic if you are walking around a museum but again it’s probably not a huge step in recognizing the Mona Lisa or a paperback copy of C++ for dummies, ultimately it’s a blob of shapes and colors that are compared. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic use of image recognition.


    My personal favorite and the piece de resistance of Google Goggles is a feature that must have the CEOs of the various augmented reality browser companies laying awake at night as Google is about to change the way location-aware augmented reality browsers work.

    The way augmented reality browsers work today is they use LBS to figure out your current location and the compass to see which way you are facing. With that information, they can determine what points of interest you might be facing.

    Most of the time it works pretty well but I’m sure you know that GPS is not accurate, sometimes my tests have been accurate to 30 meters and sometimes it strays up to a mile.

    If you are facing a landmark the visual indicator provided by the augmented reality browser may or may not be shown nearby the object you are looking to locate.

    The second problem is there could be a building between you and the point of interest; the application has no way of actually knowing what is in front of you and what you are really looking at.

    Google Goggles Image recognition :

    Google Goggles however uses image recognition on the landmark. If you are standing at Big Ben in London it sends a copy of the image to the database, performs an image match, and then tells you precisely what you are looking at, not what might be around you and in that general direction.

    google image recognition

    The accuracy is so good you can sit at home in California and look at your holiday snaps of Big Ben and it will still recognize the landmark. Fantastic when you get back from a trip and wonder just what all those photos are actually of.

    Google Developers API :

    Google’s strength is obviously searching and the vast array of seemingly endless images that have that at their disposal. Properly indexed there would seem to be no limit to what can recognize, particularly if they open up the API for developers to produce their own plug-ins.

    What breed of cat is that? The Cat recognition plug-in tells me it is a British Shorthair and its favorite food is fish. That’s a nice car.

    google api

    What is it? The car recognition plug-in tells me it’s an Aston Martin DB7, the insurance group is a 31 and it has a top speed of 186mph, but I can’t afford it because my bank plug-in is warning me based on my current salary I would have to save for 30 years.

    You can’t help thinking that terminator vision has just got a step closer. Some six or seven months ago we got our first augmented reality browser, now at the end of the year, it seems like we are about to take a huge step forward in augmented reality with Google’s arrival.

    It will be interesting to see how the current crop of augmented reality browser providers respond to Google play and what is up to their sleeve for the future.

    The video walk-through below is well worth a look at some of the features of Google Goggles.

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    Microsoft to provide 120K Augmented Reality headsets worth $22 bn to the U.S army

    It has not been long ago when we heard about the first holographically navigated spine surgery using Augmented Reality headsets at Balgrist University Hospital. Microsoft is engaged in making the Augmented Reality technology more commercial. It has launched its HoloLens a few years back in 2016  that serves business personas in better workflow management. Employees said Microsoft HoloLens was inconvenient to use and now we have Microsoft HoloLens 2- the convenient and high performing version. With Microsoft HoloLens 2 the company aims to offer a portable and highly immersive experience.

    If you are interested in knowing the characteristics and features of Microsoft HoloLens 2 you can give it a read here.

    Also, are you keen to know about the first holographically navigated surgery? Give a read here.

    ‘Microsoft to provide more than 120,000 Augment Reality headsets worth $22 bn to the U.S army’. Before, we dive deep into this let us know the role of augmented reality in the army.

    Augmented Reality has yet again proved its diversified use cases. We have seen extensive usage of Augmented Reality technology in retail and automotive. Augmented Reality headsets are being used in healthcare and official works for a good enough time now. Usage of AR in the military is limited due to high cost but due to amazing potential to improve the military service the technology is soaring. The U.S Army is all set to get equipped with AR headsets. Microsoft has again won the deal and will be offering Augmented Reality headsets worth $22 billion to the U.S army. Microsoft had sealed the contract in 2018 as well worth $480 million.

    As per Microsoft, this is an attempt to empower the U.S army and uplift the military service. If you are new to the term Augmented Reality headsets here is a quick description:

    Augmented Reality headsets

    Augmented Reality Headset

    Augmented Reality headset is a wearable device designed to overlay the computer-generated graphics on the real view.  Augmented Reality headsets are so far designed for business usage exclusively. The device is different from Augment Reality smartglasses in terms of appearance and core usage.

    How will the Augmented Reality headset help the U.S army?

    A Microsft spokesperson in 2018 said, “ Augmented Reality technology will provide troops with more and better information to make decisions. This new work extends our longstanding, trusted relationship with the department of defence to this new area”.

    In 2021 after the second win the Microsft’s blog post by Alex Kipman says, “ The program delivers enhanced situational awareness, enabling information sharing and decision-making in a variety of scenarios”.

    The blog further says, “ The United States Army will work with Microsoft on the production phase of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVA) program as it moves from rapid prototyping to production and rapid fielding”.

    Benefits of using Augmented Reality headsets:

    ·         Soldiers’  safety:

    Soldiers can know their position without distracting their focus. For example, if a soldier is aiming frontward and an attacker is hidden in the rearview the soldiers will be able to know it through Augmented Reality headsets. The exacted position and distance will be displayed in front of their eye. Before the usage of AR Headsets, soldiers had to manually set the GPS to get the exact location but now they don’t need to worry about that as it will be done automatically. Soldiers can get the idea of the other side of the wall without exposing themselves.

     In the case of fighter planes, the soldier will get an update about the maintenance of the plan which in turn will give time for the backup. While flying plane soldiers need not look again and again at the description below but all necessary information will be overlayed in front of their eyes.

    ·         Situational awareness:

    This keeps soldiers updated and is a saviour in the time of complex situations. Augmented Reality headset makes decision-making easier. Tactical Augmented Reality is designed to aware military forces of their position and the opponent’s position. Not, only this but soldiers can even see in the dark and carry on their operation.

    The transformation of military training using Augmented Reality headsets:

    Augmented Reality headsets

    We are residing in an on-demand world, where whatever we demand reaches us in a very short span. Be it groceries or your favourite food item, the power of technology is immense. But now, the usage of Augmented Reality technology is diversified and can be used for military purpose as well.

    It would be a lot easier for the army to combat and win if they get trained in the same mission-like situation. Every attack has a different plot and using augmented Reality technology the military can be trained in a similar situation. The virtual mission-like environment will be created as per the demand of military forces. This not only increases the probability to win but also keeps the fighters safe. The mission-oriented rehearsals are prioritized.

    Soldiers can have a  beforehand 3D view of the battlefield which is helpful in strategizing and planning. AR remote assistance can helps soldiers to fix the failure of weapons on the battlefield. Else, this inconvenience can turn the table.

    Wrapping up:

    People are influenced, connected and engaged in photos and video formats of brand descriptions. Undoubtedly this is an amazing experience but we are moving a step further due to the power of Augmented Reality technology. Gradually users will get immersed in the storyline and experience it like real. With consumer showing interest in the technology, brands are figuring out different ways to capture their attention. Technology is an ever-changing field and currently, Augmented Reality is shaking up the landscape. With Microsoft seizing a huge deal this is the time to shake the military landscape.

    I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did while writing. How do you take this transformation and implementation of the Augmented Reality headset in the U.S army?

    Military persons are always at higher risks! This means any technology that can ensure to carve a safer ground for soldiers matters a lot. Read more about it here.



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    Augmented Reality definition and use cases with examples

    Augmented Reality definition- Ah, it is so easy! On the contrary when I talked to my friend- the reality hit me differently.

    I was talking to a friend who is currently pursuing engineering, we talked about million things and had our own perspective. I put a question on Augmented Reality and how college students are looking forward to it? My friend’s reply surprised me! He said- undoubtedly AR is doing great in revolutionizing different industries and proliferating by leaps and bounds in terms of numbers but at the college level, many students are still unaware of Augmented Reality. On the day itself while going through the newspaper I saw a wonderful use case of AR. We will discuss it later.

      So, today I will put light on the Augmented Reality definition and use cases with examples.

    A detailed Augmented Reality definition:

    Augmented Reality definition

    Augmented Reality is a disruptive technology that overlays the virtual elements in the real world and gives a real-like feel. This is the Augmented Reality simple definition. The virtual elements are computer-generated graphics and other stimuli.

    As per Wikipedia, “ Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory”.

    Augmented Reality application:

    Augmented Reality definition

    Augmented Reality definition indicates the use of technology in real-like training, immersive user-experience, highlighting and increasing understanding of physical features, simplifying the workload and improving the consumer experience. On the basis of these outputs, the Augmented Reality technology has, diversified and multiple use cases in different industries. Have a look here:

    ·         Advertisement and Marketing:

    A majority part of 2020 and the current year is all about the online world. We were proceeding towards digitalization but the pandemic brought storm in the digital space. Technology and digital space worked as a blessing. This concept aligns with online advertisement and marketing. People are inclining toward digital advertisement and marketing. The digital space is crowded and the Augmented Reality technology gives the room to implement creativity and make the advertisement stand out.

    The biggies like Google and Snapchat are leaving no stone unturned to mark a footprint and establish an AR marketplace. Augmented Reality filters are used to engage with customers and promote the brands. The creative touch available due to Augmented Reality make marketing campaigns a lot more interesting.

    Read: How spark AR for Instagram is helping in Advertisement and Marketing.

    ·         Workforce training:

    According to the Augmented Reality definition, workforce training has improved a lot with the help of AR technology. Augmented Reality gears such as headsets and smart glasses are effective in training the workforce in different industries such as defence, oil and gas, home appliances, healthcare, etc. Medical students get to interact with a virtual body and experiment with it. Military people get a real-like experience in a virtually created war zone and so on. Augmented Reality overlays the virtual elements and enhances the workforce training.

    ·         More satisfied purchase:

     AR technology has immense use cases in the retail industry. Until the commercial introduction of Augmented Reality, shoppers had to go for online products just on the basis of instincts and imagination. But, now you can virtually try on the products before clicking on the order icon. This has at a vast range reduced the uncertainty of purchase and decreased the return rate. Most of the clothing, Makeup, jewellery, furniture, footwear companies allow customers to virtually try the product be sure about the colour, look, etc and then go for the final purchase.

    ·         Remote assistance:

     Pandemic has spiked the need for remote assistance. With the help of AR remote assistance, an expert can direct the newbies or customers from the comfort of their couch. Many a time in the automotive, defence, oil and gas or food industry when a professional with skills and experience retire or is at a distant place it creates a vacancy and decreases the quality of work. With the help of AR remote assistance professionals can guide the on-field work by offering real-time assistance. It is also helpful in case of minor mishaps at the consumer’s place. Instead of waiting for professionals to arrive, the consumer can fix it themselves with the help of real-time guidance from the company. Just the way Rachel did!

    ·         Assisting healthcare professionals:

    The new-age digital technology such as Augmented Reality is taking healthcare treatment to a whole new level. It eliminates the location limitation and enables the medical professional to assist the treatment by giving a real-like experience.

    Here is what I read in The Times of India, “For complex cancer surgery, London-based surgeon Dr Shafi Ahmed – renowned for performing the world’s first virtual reality operation and live-streaming- sought help from Dr Shailesh Shrikhande, deputy director of Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. They used Microsoft Hololens to get connected remotely. Here is the real-like experience of the doctor, “ Dr Shrikhande says his virtual avatar entered the London operating room. He accessed the test reports and scans of the patient and was standing and speaking to other doctors as if they were together in the room. The doctors looked at 3D holograms of the scan of the tumour hovering in front of them, they get specialists to virtually draw on the image to aid discussion. And all this while the patient was on the operating table”.

    Hey, readers! How would like to review this transformational change in the healthcare sector due to the power of AR technology? I am utterly amazed. The technology has not only simplified the life of doctors, improved the treatment facility but also helps to train medical students. Medical students can leverage the benefit of Augmented Reality to get real-time interaction with the human body again and again.

    Augmented Reality examples:

    Here are a few examples of use cases of this technology in different industries:

    ·         AccuVein has made it easier to trace the veins. No, need to fear blood testing anymore!

    ·         HoloAnatomy powered by Microsoft helps medical professional to get a 3D view of human anatomy.

    ·         Magnolia collaborated with Shopify’s AR team to improve the digital shopping experience.

    I hope you had a great read on Augmented Reality definition and use cases.





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    Augmented Reality in business: Which industries are leveraging the benefits of AR?


    Augmented Reality has touched the lives of millions! Augmented Reality in business is soaring by impacting consumers as well as retailers. Companies are quick to realize the potential of augmented reality and are willing to invest in the Augmented Reality technology. Big companies like Facebook, Apple, Google are competing to bring the best and innovative AR project to market.

    Statistics say, “According to Global data, worth nearly $4 billion in 2018, the Global AR market is expected to reach $76 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate by 24%”. MarketsandMarkets says, “the market of AR technology now is worth $15.3 billion”.

    Recently, we heard the news of the Facebook AR Wristband- this wristband enables you to do things just by thinking. This means in the coming days you will not be using brains just to control your actions but also to control computers.  You can read about the Facebook AR wristband, here. An amazing implementation of Augmented Reality in business by Facebook for sure! Let us dive deep into it-

    Industries leveraging the benefit of Augmented Reality in business are:

    Augmented Reality in business
    Augmented Reality in business

    There are ample industries that are quick to foresee the immense potential of Augmented Reality as per the Augmented Reality definition. Here is a list of different industries:

    ·         Military and Defense:

     Augmented Reality is used to create a real-like environment for military training. The U.S military heavily relies on Augmented Reality to empower the defence sector. Augmented Reality headsets ease the work of fighter planes by overlaying the map and necessary flight details in front of eyes. Click here to get a piece of detailed information. 

    ·         Food and catering industry:


    Food and catering industry is implementing Augmented Reality in business in different verticals such as packaging, marketing, interacting etc. Restaurants use AR app to sell their prime dishes, some companies like coca-cola use it to engage with customers by AR filters, wine company like Jack Daniels use it to show their distillery process. Looking for more interesting examples?  you can check it here

    ·         Footwear industry:

    Technology primarily aims to simplify the living of the target audience. Augmented Reality in business here, is used to select the right colour as per outfit. You cannot bring your dress wardrobe to the footwear shop but can take the virtual footwear to your dress wardrobe!

    ·         Oil and Gas industry:

    Augmented Reality is used in the oil and gas industry for workforce training, safeguarding on-field workers, interactive training, easy maintenance and so on. The oil and gas industry relies on huge machinery, on the spot fix is necessary to prevent huge losses. Augmented Reality plays a crucial role here. To know more about the usage of AR in the oil and gas industry, click here.

    ·         Healthcare industry:

    Augmented and Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. According to the first Hololens navigated surgery, doctors say it makes the process well-informed and easier. Medical students are better trained using Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality in business assists medical professionals in diagnosing diseases and surgeries. Healthcare is the most sensitive niche and technology aims to eliminate human error. Many times when symptoms are not clearly distinguished, Augmented Reality does the magic and saves a life.  Companies like Echopixel, AccuVein, Brain power, etc. are leveraging the benefits of Augmented Reality in business. Know how?!

    ·         Retail industry: 

     It is easier to meet customer expectation using Augmented Reality in the Retail industry. Virtual shopping is proliferating at its best today. The try-before-you-buy experience is raising the bar in digital shopping. Retailers are able to bring virtual trial-room at the comfort of customer’s couch. Research says, “an amazing 69% of consumers expect retailers to launch an AR app in the next 6 months”. As per predictions,  “virtual fitting room project is expected to hit $ 10 billion by 2027”. The pandemic and inability to go to in-store shops have worked as the catalyst in the dependency on technology. AR in retail is vast, get a deep insight!

    ·         Beauty and MakeUp Industry:

     The beauty and MakeUp industry has realized the potential of Augmented Reality in business and is investing in the integration of AR technology in the AR business. mirrAR is the first platform to use Augmented Reality in the jewellery business. Augmented Reality is used for virtual try-on of product before purchasing. You can use it on an online store as well as a physical store. This not only helps in satisfying purchase but also plays a crucial role in marketing the product.

    Google AR makeup will help you to select the perfect shade as per your skin tone. Know how?

    ·         Education sector:

    Learning has never been easier than today. AR technology focuses on concept-based learning and eliminates the necessity to cram syllabus. A plethora of Augmented education apps are built to bring remarkable changes to the education sector. Use these AR educational apps to learn.

    ·         Travel and Tourism Industry:


     Augmented reality in business makes tourism much more interactive and fun-filled. You can easily decode the foreign language in your mother tongue, travellers use AR to virtually explore the destination in advance and know about the minute details. You just need to point your camera at the new creatures and AR will help you to get the detailed information. You will not miss the hidden beauty of the place the way Rachel did here.

    ·         Gaming industry:

     It all started with the game Pokémon Go! Augmented Reality in its entry year was known for gaming. Pokémon Go worked as the breakthrough of AR technology in the commercial world. Augmented Reality is heavily used to enhance the experience of gamers. The technology is not limited to the gaming industry anymore. Here are intriguing Augmented Reality games.

    ·         Sports industry:

     Augmented Reality was used in IPL 2020 to give a real-like feel to virtual viewers. It plays a valuable role in the marketing and real-time training of players. In case of any confusion in matches, DRS gives a decision based on Augmented analysis. In Fantasy sports, AR is used to build a virtual team where each virtual players of the team represent one of the real players. You can get an in-depth insight here.

    AR technology is soaring and will keep making fresh records in the upcoming years.  A lot is yet to unfold and explore! Are you excited?



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    Top 10 Augmented Reality Games | Future Of Gaming

    augmented game

    Having just finished another Xbox 360 game I’m thinking about my next augmented reality-based game purchase. Augmented Reality has the potential to revolutionize gaming so today we’ll look at the top 10 list of augmented reality games that I really want to play.

    The caveat is none of these games are available, some of these are still concepts, some are in beta, and others… well have disappeared. So think of this list as my top 10 wish-list. An augmented reality version in 3D with bridges and buildings would be cool.

    Something is needed to make you want to change the angle and look around the map. Otherwise like you say it’s boring. An augmented reality version in 3D with bridges and buildings would be cool. Something is needed to make you want to change the angle and look around the map. Otherwise like you say it’s boring.

    Top 10 in reverse order :

    1: Pacman

    augmented game
    Pacman – Augmented Version

    Yes, it’s retro but it makes the list because everyone who grew up in the 80s loves Pacman. That augmented Pacman looks pretty cool! I remember the old, boring arcade version, so anything that would overhaul to bring new life to this old classic is pretty cool.

    2: Skreek Station

    I have no idea what this game is about, it looks interesting but more importantly, it looks like one of those games that could change the board game genre.

    3: Memory

    Simple games are the best and can be simpler than a game of memory.

    augmented game
    Memory – Childhood Game

    4: Marbles

    Another nice simple game, get the marble to the exit.

    5: Roku’s Reward

    I’m not sure if this one was ever designed to be a real game or just a promotion video from HP. It’s definitely games that look exciting and the show’s some amazing possibilities for augmented reality gaming.

    augmented game
    Roku’s Reward Game

    WifiArmy is another company trying to create games that span LBS, augmented reality, and mobile but their website hasn’t been updated for almost a year. Solutions that offer this level of real-world interaction would seem to be some way off but it will be interesting to see how Layar’s new 3D platform develops.

    If you are looking for a bit of augmented reality fun this morning with a healthy mix of gesture recognition thrown in for good measure. Take a look at the latest augmented reality games from Zugara.

    6: Nesquik factory

    Zugara you may remember is the person responsible for the Fashionista application that enabled users to try on a range of virtual clothing in the comfort of their own homes.

    augmented game

    The games developed for Nesquik uses augmented reality technology and puts you at the heart of the Nesquik factory with the responsibility of ensuring the bottles get filled with the correct flavor. Just tap the virtual filling machine to ensure the correct flavor is delivered to the bottle as it passes.

    If you haven’t tried any augmented reality or gesture recognition games before, take a look. The game is flash-based and you just need a camera to play.

    7: Talking Dog AR

    This type of educational tool is very exciting. We tried a simplified web-based version of this idea back in 2009. Lots of potentials for this and we are very excited to see projects like this in popular use.

    augmented game
    Talking Dog Game

    8: Holoplanets AR demo

    HIT Lab NZ, one of my favorite innovating augmented reality companies has just posted a new video to showcase their Holoplanets interactive science exhibit that teaches users about the planets in the solar system.

    augmented game
    Holoplanets AR

    With the demo, each planet is identified by its own unique marker which when presented to the webcam displays information about the planet.

    9: Tron Augmented Reality

    Expresso Design a digital creation agency based in Italy has put together the ultimate experience to enable everyone with a web camera to experience a high-speed light cycle battle.

    The campaign is of course based around the Disney blockbuster Tron Legacy. The demo features a rather snazzy augmented reality aspect that lets you experience scenes from the movie.

    augmented game
    Tron Augmented Reality

    As usual, printing a marker and holding it up to the webcam will result in an engaging AR experience. Unusually however the Tron campaign supports multiple markers.

    Holding an individual light cycle marker up to the webcam will enable you to view a light cycle in 3D while the rider patiently waits for action. Put the counterpart marker next to it however and both riders jump on their light cycles and race.

    The augmented reality has been developed on the Total Immersion platform and has been implemented very well indeed. Give it a go, it’s definitely one of those demos you are going to be showing around the office today.

    10: AR Tron

    It’s in Italian but easy enough to figure out. Look for Realta Aumentata and then Scopri la Realta aumentata the rest is obvious. To save yourself some time, you can print the marker from here. Just hold it up to your webcam.

    Great augmented reality demos and lessons in Italian, what more do you need from a blog?

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    Pandemica Augmented Reality IPhone Game


    Pandemica from XMG Studios is the latest augmented reality iPhone game that uses the camera and accelerometer to produce an entertaining arcade-style shooter that you can experience with full 360 degrees of movement.


    Pandamica transforms your iPhone into a sub-field bio-scanner that can detect the invisible alien organisms that are around you, and like all alien organisms, they are not friendly. Armed with your sub-field bio-scanner your mission is to eliminate the alien threat before they have the chance to get you and cover you on inaugment.com.


    Augmented Reality Arcade Fighting Games

    Like most arcade games, as you progress you’ll have the opportunity to unlock better weapons to help you fight off the alien hordes, weapons such as Missiles, Continuous Electron Beam and the Bosonic Field Bomb produce the necessary firepower to survive some of the games harder levels.

    As with the other augmented reality games that fall into this new genre, As the game takes place in reality you’ll constantly be looking behind you for the next wave of alien attacks.

    How is Augmented Reality (AR) Redefining the


    Augmented reality game, or AR, may be a technology that functions to feature the truth you’d ordinarily experience, except without changing this reality for you in the real world. Augmented reality may be a tool that has revolutionized how consumers interact with different franchises and markets. 

    Today, the AR game is changing the way the industry creates and showcases games and accessories. Augmented reality offers consumers an exciting experience and confidence in their decisions, especially over the method of online gaming.

    Pandemica Games & Expansions :

    As skilled members of a disease-fighting team, you and the other players work together to keep the planet safe from outbreaks and epidemics. Only through teamwork will you’ve got an opportunity to seek out a cure.

    A pandemic may be a cooperative parlor game during which players work as a team to treat infections worldwide while gathering resources for cures.

    The game’s unique combination of cooperative gameplay, fascinating premise, and compelling design have proved successful with everyone from hardcore gamers to casual players. The Pandemic line of games now includes more extensions and independent titles.

    Pandemica Safety Gets an Augmented Reality Assist :

    Pandemica with the rise in demand for safer pandemic game techniques, startups strove to help creators of all sizes answer that crucial question: how can we capture human motion without the ‘human’ present?

    AI-assisted video game tools possess the power to capture human motion by simply uploading, and playing online or charged with a remote device, sort of a smartphone camera–to web-based platforms.

    Where animators are concerned, they will use these tools as rights for their animations without the necessity for mocap suits, or expensive virtual production sets, saving augmented issues and therefore the subsequent disinfecting/safety accrued during the pandemic augmented reality.


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    Microsoft Holodeck or Halolens – The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming

    Microsoft-Holodeck-or-Halolens – The-Future-Of-Virtual-Reality-Gaming

    Microsoft Holodeck could be the future of virtual reality gaming. The Redmond, WA company has recently filed a patent that would immerse gamers into a virtual reality gaming environment.

    Why You Choose Microsoft Holodeck?


    The Microsoft Holodeck patent describes “an interactive computing system configured to provide an immersive display experience.”

    Microsoft Holodeck will project the game environment on all four walls of the gamer’s room. You need to follow which is following Innovative AR companies in 2021 that are playing a big role of Augmented reality world.

    Microsoft Holodeck aims to utilize the gamer’s peripheral vision to “serve as an extension to a primary image displayed [on the center screen].”

    Microsoft believes that the “user enjoyment of video games and related media experiences can be increased by making the gaming experience more realistic.”

    Technology includes a user tracking device to interact with the gamer’s placement in the space, just like the Xbox Kinect.

    The Microsoft Holodeck patent has opened up the internet for rumors about the anticipated, but yet-to-be-revealed, Xbox 720. By incorporating the “AR and VR” technology into the future Xbox, Microsoft will create a mainstream market for the future of virtual reality.

    The technology allows the gamer to anticipate and react to threats from all angles. Although the main focus point is still the center screen, gamers “may be aware of an approaching video game enemy” from the side.

    Imagine being thrown into a WWII Battlefield or a futuristic intergalactic war with threats literally coming at you from all directions.

    A New 3D immersive technologies:

    Mixed with 3D technologies the virtual world will literally come to life, engaging users in an experience that is a long way from Atari.

    There is currently no expected release date for the Microsoft Holodeck, but with incredible advances on the gaming horizon, we can be sure that anxious gamers are anticipating Microsoft bringing the Microsoft Holodeck to market.

    This product patent notes that “previous attempts to make the experience more realistic have included switching from two-dimensional to three-dimensional animation techniques…and creating more natural game controllers.”

    A New Microsoft Holodeck is an obvious next step in the evolution of gaming.

    Frequently Ask Questions : 

    Q1: Is HoloLens mixed reality or augmented reality?

    Yes, Its Support Amazing features of augmented reality support. HoloLens was the first head-mounted display running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 computer operating system.

    Q2: Why did Microsoft HoloLens fail?

    The Halolens have a narrow field of view. So People is no like that soo much of halolens. The Halolens have 3D capture technology but due to narrow field of view, it was failed.

    Q3: What happened to Microsoft HoloLens?

    The Average Estimated Price is 2500USD and Device 70,000 sold so far at the price of 3000 USD per device, the Microsoft Hololens is out of stock.



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    Facebook AR Wristband- A step closer to rich Human-Computer Interaction

     Facebook AR wristband – A step closer to rich Human-computer Interaction

    This can be the future! Yes, you read it right. In the near future, we will be able to operate AR products or Augmented Reality glasses just by thinking. The giant tech company Facebook is developing a Facebook AR  wristband that can detect and connect your neural nerves and motor nerves. Facebook Reality Labs is engaged in bringing transformational technology. Facebook is one of the foremost AR players that has been working on the innovative implementation of technology.

    Facebook AR Wristband

    How will the AR wristband operate?

    AR wristband will connect your thinking to an Augmented product. The object will move on its own as per the movement of your hand. The Facebook AR wristband aims to improve human-computer interaction.

    What is the aim of-

    (a)       Augmented Reality glasses:

    AR glasses aim to bridge the distance between the physical world and the digital world. Facebook AR glasses aim to connect you and your near ones irrespective of the location giving a real-like experience. You can share the experience with anyone through this virtually powered technology. Andrew Bosworth, the lead of Facebook Reality labs says, “Imagine being able to teleport anywhere in the World to have shared experiences with people who matter most in your life – no matter where they happen to be, that’s the promise of AR glasses. It’s a fusion of the real world and the virtual world in a way that fundamentally enhances daily life for the better”.

    The Augmented Reality glasses of Facebook will be out this year. Apple and Vuzix AR glass will give tough competition to the product.

    (b)      Facebook AR wristband:


    Facebook AR wristband aims to ease the operation of Augmented Reality glasses. The wristband is based on the integration of Artificial Integration and Augmented Reality. The tech device will have the ability to adapt to your environment and give you personalized choices.

    Why Facebook designed it for the wrist?

    We are habituated to wear a watch on the wrist for years. The wrist is the most convenient body part to carry wearables such as a watch, bracelet or band. Keeping this in the count, the company is developing the Facebook AR wristband. The device is easy to operate and available round the clock. It uses Electromyography – a sensor that detects the electrical motor signal in nerves and further control functions of the device – to operate the command.

    Facebook Reality Labs director, Thomas Reardon says, “ What we’re trying to do with neural interfaces is to let you control the machine directly, using the output of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) – specifically the nerves outside the brain that animate your hand and finger muscles”. The other reasons behind this are:

    ·         Less environmental friction:

    With mobile phones in your pocket, sometimes it works as a hindrance between you and the environment. But the traditional wristwatch has been in use for ages. The Facebook AR wristband is a lot similar to a wristwatch.

    ·         Prioritize security:

    When in 2016 Facebook Released AR glasses,  security was the topmost concern and due to security issues the company had to limit the usage of the product. This will not repeat in the case of the Facebook AR wristband. The company is paying topmost concern on privacy, security and safety.

    ·         Can reasonably fit:

    It is designed in a way that it can easily fit on the wrist of any hand. If you need to do work with both hands, you can probably wear it on both wrists and get a superpower like force.

    ·         Can wear-all-day comfortably:

    People can wear watches throughout the day without any inconvenience. The design and appearance make it easy and convenient to wear and use.

    Features of Facebook AR wristband:

    Facebook AR Wristband


    ·         Always available:

    The device has the potential to function throughout the day. You can keep it on just like wristwatches. It will be available to operate as per your thinking round the clock.

    ·         Can be customized:

     You can customize the Facebook AR wristband as per your need. The preferences will be provided as per your feedback. Advanced technology such as Hepatic, sensors, acknowledges your mood.

    ·         Energy-efficient:

    It observes your mood and routine and recommends the tasks accordingly. This makes the entire living energy-efficient. For example, if you are using the traditional keyboard now to type, the time consumed to draft content will drastically decrease. Here is a glimpse: The link 

    Uses of Facebook AR Wristband:

    FRL Research Science Manager Tanya Jonker, explains, “The underlying AI has some understanding of what you might want to do in the future. Perhaps you head outside for a jog and, based on your past behaviour, the system thinks you are most likely to want to listen to your running playlist. It then presents that option to you on the display: paly running playlist? That’s the adaptive interface at work. Then you can simply confirm or change that suggest using a micro gesture. The intelligent click gives you the ability to take these highly contextual actions in a very low-friction manner because the interface surfaces something that’s relevant based on your personal history and choices, and it allows you to do that with minimal input gestures”.

    ·         Drastically increases the speed of work:

     Just by observing your first action, the device can predict your next action. At the first sight, it seems like saving a few seconds, but gradually these seconds add up to save a significant amount of time.

    ·         Allows multitasking:

    You can do multiple tasks at a time and quickly learn new skills such as new languages.


    The functioning of the Facebook AR wristband:

    It integrates the human nervous system specifically the Peripheral nervous system with a computer. You just need to give a little feedback to help the device understand your need or preferences. The haptic based systems, help in sending vibration, figuring out sensations and emotions.

    Wrapping up:

    The early description seems promising though there is a lot yet to be explored! The sole purpose is to make human-computer communication richer and interactive. The company has prioritized privacy in the development process making the device safer to use. Does this look like an interesting future of human-computer interaction?

    Reference: The blog 




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    AR technology in food industry: Usage and Examples


    AR technology in the Food Industry: Usage and Examples

    Have you used online food delivery services? Have you went to the restaurant and craved to see the behind-the-scenes prep of those mouth-savoring dishes? Would you like to see the delicious textures and real-like image of foreign dishes before placing the order?  Well, I have and I would!  I went with my friend Rachel to a nearby restaurant. We were welcomed with this amazing usage of AR technology in the food industry.

    AR technology in food industry

    It might not be the first time you are coming across the term Augmented Reality. The technology is garnering huge attraction these days due to its diverse array of use cases. Have you ever thought of your favorite delicacies and soon started imagining their savoring taste, texture, and arrangement? Being a foodie, I do it. Well, we do not have to imagine anymore as the usage of AR technology in the food industry has taken off. The Food industry is one of the widely popular and high in-demand industries. The integration of Augmented Reality has immensely increased the user engagement rate.

    A business needs to keep up with the trend to stay competitive. Augmented Reality is the newest asset to give a competitive edge to businesses. It has multiple use cases in the food industry.

    Usage of AR technology in the food industry:



    ·         Real-time insight of prime dishes:

    AR-influenced food apps have a 3D view of all the menus available in restaurants. In the case of restaurant usage, customers just need to take the camera on the menu and the immersive view will play on the screen showcasing the texture and appearance. It tempts customers to place the order of prime dishes.

    ·         Behind the scenes of the restaurant:

    Today, online presence holds huge importance in successfully running a business. Using AR technology in the food industry restaurants can engage customers by showing the restaurants and behind the scenes of food preparation. This will assure users about the healthy and clean procedure and will boost the online presence. Restaurants are more likely to get positive reviews and a word of mouth.

    ·         In the food packaging:


    These days lots of F&B industries are using Augmented Reality in food packaging. Some companies direct users to scan the code on food packaging and it tells about the history of the company, the other shows quirky images to engage customers and increase online visibility by sharing. Some companies usage AR in food packaging to tell the buyer how to arrange the food.

    Usage of Augmented Reality in food packaging aims to increase brand visibility and ultimately boost sales. One of the best Wine companies Jack Daniel usage AR to take customers on a virtual tour and shows its distillery process.  Click here to know-how.

    ·         Customer’s interaction and Engagement:

    The increasing usage of Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest has driven the attention of F&B industries to take business advantage. Millennials and youngsters are highly influenced by social media and love to share their experiences.

    Food & Beverage companies use these platforms to offer an immersive real-like visual experience to customers, this urges the users to go for these mouth-savoring dishes. The companies have realized the potential of these platforms and the great reachability that it has to offer. In the case of food, the visual cue is one of the best ways to trigger action in viewers. And AR technology in the food industry plays a crucial role in overlaying the digital visual cue on top of the real world.

    ·         Chef training:

    Augmented Reality remote assistance plays a significant role in training the workforce. In the food industry, it makes learning more accurate and effective. The chef can have the exact measure of sizes using Augmented Reality.

    Beginner chefs can learn from well-established or retired chefs using Augmented Reality technology. It helps to give real-time direction at the comfort of the couch. The real-time guidance ensures the chefs are in the right hand.

    Examples of AR technology in the food industry:

    The food and Beverage industries are quick to predict the seamless opportunities of Augmented Reality Technology. Are you keen to know, how brands like  Let us have a look at effective usage of Augmented reality in F&B companies:


    ·         Coca-cola:

    Coca-cola is implementing Augmented Reality in its marketing strategy. You can scan the code on the bottles and a Virtual Santa will pop up. Coco-cola has collaborated with Zappar and SkyDigital to offer immersive experiences to users. Here is how.

    ·         Nestle:

    The food and drink processing Swiss company – Nestle, use Augmented Reality to extend its support to remotely located workers. It uses AR to connect with workers and offer them immediate support and training.

    ·          Pizza Hut:

    You can order your favorite cheesy Pizza using Pizza Hut’s mobile Augmented Reality app from any location and then go for pick up. To select the restaurant move the camera of your phone around you, and all the nearest Pizza Hut restaurants will pop up. Select the restaurant and march to pick it up. Recently Pizza Hut has launched a game. Customers can scan the code on the Pizza box to play.

    ·         Le Petit chef:

    Le Petit chef welcomes customers for Augmented Reality influenced dining. Le petit chef collaborated with skull mapping to immerse users in the AR world. Once you order, the 3D animation of food preparation will overlay on the tabletop. Here, the uniqueness is users do not have to use Google or headsets to engage with the AR experience.

    ·         Robinsons Fruit shoot:

    This company uses AR to display colorful menus to entice kids. The menus turn into an engaging and interactive game to catch the attention of kids. Kids can play these games and enjoy the delicacies.

    Wrapping up:

    Augmented Reality has immense potential to revolutionize the workflow of industries. Augmented Reality in food industry has diverse usage. Here I have listed some of the major use cases of Augmented Reality in food technology such as workforce training, advertisement, food packaging, marketing, immersive experience, boosting sales, etc. We will be soon seeing the usage of AR technology in different aspects of daily life.






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    Augmented Reality companies- Innovative AR companies in 2021

    List of most innovative and fast-growing Augmented Reality companies in 2021

    A plethora of Augmented Reality application opportunities is lying ahead. The Augmented Reality companies are raising the bar in terms of user experience. The companies are actively involved in scratching new opportunities and offering an optimized experience. If you are looking for the most innovative Augmented Reality companies, your search ends here. Companies have stepped into different industries and are using the Augmented Reality technology to revolutionize the workflow.

    Augmented Reality companies
    Augmented Reality companies (inAugment.com)


    Augmented Reality has the immense potential to transform the workflow of the industry. The technology hits the marketing, training, and user-experience of any industry majorly. The giant players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple are leaving no stone unturned to mark the footprint. A  lot is yet to unfold, let us see when new solutions commercially revolutionize the market.

    The most innovative Augmented Reality companies are:

    I have made a list of Augmented Reality companies that you can look up to for your Augmented Reality projects. These innovative and top-performing companies have diverse experience backed up with a skilled and experienced team. But before, looking for a company you should know the potential and uses of Augmented Reality in your niche. We have covered few industries such as retail, healthcare, oil, and gas industry, footwear, fashion, software development, education, entertainment, advertisement, etc. You can check the application of AR in these industries by clicking on the link. Let us move to our topic:

    ·         Niantic:  

     The history of Niantic goes book to 2001 when the tech nerds and enthusiasts collaborated to form a keyhole later it introduced Google Map in 2009. Niantic is called a spin-off of Google. The hugely popular game, Pokemon Go worked as the breakthrough of the commercial application of Augmented Reality. Did you enjoy running after the zombie? Well, Pokemon Go was launched by Niantic in 2016. Pokemon Go played a crucial role in bringing the Augmented Reality technology into the mainstream.


    Niantic says ‘it has built the World’s only planet scale augmented reality platform.’  The company focuses on mapping, security, and handling real-world communication. This leading augmented reality company has expertise in the augmented reality games niche.

    ·         NEXT/ NOW:

         Next/now is a digital marketing agency that specializes in offering augmented solutions. It is one of the most innovative Augmented Reality companies that believe in the art and science of virtual experience. The company has served popular brands like LG, Walmart, Discover, etc. NEXT/NOW is based in Chicago.

    ·         Styledotme:


     Styledotme is the world’s first company to revolutionize the jewelry shopping experience using Augmented Reality. MirrAR by styledotme enables customers to go for virtual try-on before purchasing the product. The virtual try-on feature has immensely increased the certainty in online shopping. MirrAR is an Augmented Reality platform for retail brands seeking to offer the virtual try-on experience to users. The company aims to elevate the e-commerce experience. Customers can either use webAR to check the online product as well as in-store product or can use the mirrAR app. So far mirrAR has served more than 200 clients. In its service span, the company has noted more than 900k virtual try-on.

    ·         Lucid Reality Labs: 

          Lucid Reality Labs is an award-winning company actively involved in developing Augmented reality solutions. Lucid Reality Labs offer Augmented solutions that improve business value across all industries.

    It is one of the best Augmented Reality companies that collaborate with all sized businesses, varying from start-ups to well-established firms. Its offers solution by comprising different stages that are discovery stage, design stage, development stage, quality assurance stage, and deployment stage.

    ·         Edgybees:

         Edgybees is one of the pioneers of Augmented reality companies engrossed in developing real-time geo-tagging aerial video with the help of Augmented Reality. Edgebees serve different industries such as Public Safety, Defense, Critical infrastructure, Insurance. The company aims to improve team collaboration and save lives by boosting situational awareness. The company has expertise in pinpointing accurate locations and creating cutting-edge technology for Augmented Reality.

    ·        Cover corporation:

         The cover corporation is a Japan-based virtual entertainment company. The company develops animation solutions using Augmented Reality. The technology offers limitless opportunities in entertainment and live distribution services.

    The cover corporation was founded in 2016 and is engaged in working for content development, gaming, video editing, virtual Reality, wearables, etc. It uses computer-generated graphics and 3D characters to develop animation and games.

    ·         Scandit:

         Scandit is a barcode augmented reality company. It enables scanning the barcode to get a piece of Augmented information. The company focuses on unifying the physical and digital world and making it more immersive. It uses the digital information overlaying feature of augmented reality.  Scandit says “we combine mobile barcode scanning, text recognition with Augmented Reality to turn smart devices into powerful data capture and visual display tools”.


    Scandit, founded in 2009 is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is engaged in offering barcode solutions through AR overlays to multiple industries. It has witnessed more than a billion scans per year.

    ·          Upskill:

          Upskill is one of the leading U.S-based Augmented Reality companies.  Upskill has been recently acquired by TeamViewer to empower Augmented Reality solutions in different verticals. It is engaged in offering solutions to enhance the experience of the remote workflow. Augmented Reality remote assistance is highly beneficial for companies to instruct and guide the employees working remotely.

    Upskill was founded in 2010 and since then is actively involved in offering wearable and advanced AR solutions. Upskill aims to change the way people work with the power of technology. Innovative solutions offered by upskill enrich customer experience. It has been honored with multiple awards.

    Wrapping up:

    Augmented Reality companies have limitless opportunities to grow and secure a position in the market. Technology is an ever-changing field. Now and Then the needs of the market keep changing. Here I have listed some of the most innovative and fast-progressing Augmented Reality companies. We are residing in a cut-throat competitive world, where each company is trying the best to be the most valuable.  I hope your quest to reach an apt AR company ends here!


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