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What is the future of AR Technology |How AR will change our everyday lives

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that is changing the world and industries. In simple words, Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of seeing the real-world environment where computer-generated images enhance the objects of the real world.

The best thing about AR technology is that it can help the customer in imagining the product, such as what owning them might feel like before buying them. Furthermore, it also allows retailers to showcase their products in realtime in the customer’s real environment.

Augmented Reality is moving from a simple visual tool to an immersive and interactive medium. With the innovation in smartphones and cameras, this technology has become easier to access and use.

When we study the history of AR, we get to know that its not a new technology. However, the use of smart screens and cameras has changed the aspect and use of this technology. In today’s life, it’s also easily accessible for every person. With the invention of these technologies, augmented Reality is achieving milestones faster than any other technology.

Augmented Reality in Future

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According to a report, the market size of both AR and VR technology will cross $210 billion by 2022.

AR is a technology that transfers information I the form of graphics, audio sounds along with other virtual objects over the realtime display. Augmented Reality uses a realtime environment and adds information. Furthermore, it can also use computer-generated images to enhance real-world objects to create a new artificial simulated graphics.

This technology can help you in various industries or to connect different businesses to access a wider audience. Showcasing products through AR technology help brands to engage more people. Besides this, many industries or professions use this technology to save people’s life. Augmented Reality in Healthcare and other rescue operations helps to cure patients and to rescue humans as well as pets.

AR is a kind of technology that can be fit in with any other technology. It doesn’t matter for which industry you use AR, it’s equally easy to use and gives optimal results.

Rescue and safety operations

AS described above, AR can be fit into many industries. This can range from fashion to Healthcare and life-saving industries. This technology can also provide a detail 3D view of maps of areas where a rescue operation needs to take place. It gives the best route and map with a 3D view before starting their rescue operation. AR technology can also help to train and assist the personnel. This technology can also help with machinery training, on-site manufacturing, and construction.


AR in the fashion and entertainment industry is also getting famous day by day. People also love to use this technology to enhance their experience. Most of the real world’s games use AR technology to give their users real-world experience with computer-generated images. In some cases, this also makes the AR view interactive.

Augmented Reality is easily available for every people, so most of the people want this AR at their home. For example, Pokémon GO games use a location-based augmented reality, which is a major type of augmented reality. This game is equally famous for people of every age.

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