Use of Augmented Reality in Education and Training

Augmented reality in education is going to replace all the conventional learning methods. Soon, AR will get all the attention of people as this will change the location and timing of studying, to introduce new ways and means. The use of augmented reality in education will convert conventional classes into a more engaging and informative approach environment. There are various type of augmented products that can help a student to learn more in detail according to their need.

Technological determinism is a theory according to which the innovation in the technology of a society or colony determines the development and growth of its cultural values and social structures. In the same way, the use of Augmented Reality in different industries or even in small business gives the growth chart of a society.

According to research, more than 80% of youngsters own smartphones. Furthermore, many of them are active users of smartphones. They use their Smartphones for social platforms, play games, and to remain in touch with their family and friends. According to a survey, there a small amount of youngsters who uses a Smartphone for study purpose.

AR in classroom

AR in classroom

The use of augmented reality in the classroom might be wondrous for many people. However, these new augmented reality classrooms will get more attraction of students due to their use of unique technology. They might also motivate students to study more. Furthermore, in these classrooms, additional data such as short bio, fun facts, historical data of venues, and events would give students a more comprehensive understanding of topics.

Besides, while doing homework, the scanning of books will help students in doing home works. On scanning the specific chapter or paragraphs, the students will get useful information about the course, teachers, and other students. This information that a student receives will lead to better communication.

AR to explain different concepts

Augmented technology can help to explain the objects that re hard to explain. With the use of this technology, these 2D images or objects will be converted into 3D. This will make it easier to grasp images and challenging content. This will help for visual learners to translate theoretical material into a real concept. To explain the complex structures in the human body, medical colleges using Augmented reality in healthcare.

AR for Objects modeling

Augmented reality apps for medical students and doctors can be one of the best ways to learn human anatomy and structures more precisely. With the help of augmented reality, you can also interact with the 3D object. Furthermore, according to the type of objects and environment, you can change the size, color scheme, and transparency.

Augmented reality to discover and learn

In the modern world, there would be the use of augmented reality to explore the past or history of an ancient object. A user can get all the information with the scanning of code through smartphones. In return, they will get historical content related to objects. However, at this time, this technology is not available for all museums. You can also say that not all museums can afford this. Once this technology becomes more accessible, there will be more opportunities for museums and visitors.

Most of the people might relate the AR technology with VR. In simple words, virtual reality is the opposite of enhance. AS you know, virtual reality is all about creating animated objects in a virtual environment. While on the other hand, Augmented reality is the enhancement of real-world environments with computer-generated images.

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