Special Issue Of Focus With Augmented Reality

For the occasion, in fact, ” Augmented Reality Focus ” was developed, an app available for free on the AppStore and Google Play, thanks to which readers will be able to explore the contents of the paper magazine in an innovative way with navigable 360 ​​° photos, videos in 4K, render 3D.

By launching the Augmented Reality apps and framing the Focus page, the images come alive, creating a new experience that can be used from your smartphone and tablet anytime and anywhere, transforming the newspaper into a truly innovative device. The application was created ad hoc by ETT.

“What we experience in the August issue – underlines the director Jacopo Loredan – is a new concept of magazine, unique in its kind and never tried before. Through augmented reality, the newspaper overcomes the physical limits of the medium to explore new territories and give the reader an exclusive experience of using the contents that from static come alive with innovative interactions and experiences “.

In support of the launch of the initiative, a campaign has been planned on Mediaset, Sky, Discovery, and Viacom television networks, on the main Italian radio stations, on Mondadori weekly and in newspapers.


ETT SpA is a Digital and Creative Industry.

We create engaging experiences for museums, corporate spaces, and public spaces, which combine innovative design, storytelling, and the most innovative technologies. Founded in 2000, ETT has its main office in Genoa and several offices in Italy (including Milan, Rome, and Naples). In Europe, ETT is present with a branch in the Tech City of London and one in the Ticino Technopole of Lugano.

We have created over 450 immersive installations all over the world, in more than 50 museums and private customers – including Fondazione Prada (Milan), Galleria dell ‘Accademia (Venice), Magna Carta Rediscovered (Kent-UK) and Moleskine (worldwide) – for a total of over 2 million visitors. With our ability to deliver content through “interconnection” solutions and to integrate different knowledge – scientific, technological, and humanistic, we create interactive experiences that combine teaching and information with entertainment and making the museum visit more enjoyable and relevant.

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