Best Mobile Augmented Reality Apps for Android and IOS

Mobile augmented reality is one of the most explosive growth areas for AR applications. Such mobile devices that support AR are becoming less expensive and more popular. Thus, various types of augmented reality apps can run on smartphones. These AR apps allow viewing computer-generated images on the top of a real-world object. Furthermore, according to a survey, more than 60 percent of people prefer to visit the stores that have AR as their part.

What is augmented reality?

AR or augmented reality is a technology that virtually arranges a 3D visual into a “real world” experience. Furthermore, you can say that it’s completely different from VR. As you know, VR is the opposite of enhance environment. VR gives a completely virtual view of an unrealistic environment. while AR gives brief information about the object which can’t be accessed in the real world. AR is commonly used in gaming to bring a more realistic experience to clients and gamers.

Best Augmented Reality apps

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

AR in fashion in getting famous day by day. There are many apps that allows you to makeover yourself fictionally. YouCam Makeup is an AR app that is available for Android & IOS users. This application provides an augmented makeup view

American Apparel

American Apparel is a color-changing app. In clothing retails and stores, there are a massive variety of colors in their collections. To choose the colors of cloths perfectly according to your personality and skin tone, these types of augmented reality apps can help. This AR app can allow the customers to view a product in different available colors. The American Apparel can help to read the previous reviews of buyers about the products.

Google Lens

This Augmented reality app is only available for android. Google Lens enhances the search experience of users. Instead of typing on the search engines to know more about an object, they can simply scan the objects that they want to learn more.


mobile augmented reality

Every person has a little artistry in him. However, in these busy days, not every person has the time to sit down and practice drawing for hours and hours. SketchAR provides the ability to trace the objects on a paper or wall. This app plot the images on to the paper, which will allow the person to trace it. This app will not only help the person to draw the lines on page or wall. Furthermore, it will also help you to practice specific drawing techniques.

However, for some people, it might be difficult to hold a mobile from one hand draw from the other hand. But, it still the best way for a beginner to practice the techniques.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the best and famous AR apps all over the world. It’s not only an app, but it’s also an AR game that quickly captures the attention of everyone. This AR game works on location-based AR which is a type of augmented reality. This game uses the GPS of the device to mark the location of the user and move your in-game avatar.

This game access the camera of the Smartphone to give their user real-world experience. This isn’t difficult to play this game neither you will need an expensive smartphone. It’s one of the best games that use mobile augmented reality to give their users a real-world environment.

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