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AR Masterclass

Understand the possibilities, create the

Now more than ever, digital transformation is necessary in just about every vertical of an organisation. But without deep understanding of new fields of tech, how will your team envision, design and fine-tune better solutions? That is where Tropos AR comes in.

Our digital Masterclass is a live event, supported by a state of the art AR app. Over the course of one lunch-break, the Tropos AR team will take your knowledge of AR from ‘that Pokémon GO thing’, to realising the full scope of the revolution it will bring. A live talk, mixed with demo footage and five guest speakers will leave no stone unturned. But above all, with our Tropos AR app, you and your team will see every form of AR come to life, right in front of you.


Individuals, Educators, Schools and NGOs.

.Since we think of ourselves as AR Ambassadors, we have developed this lowest tier pricing for educational settings or industry bodies who are aiming to immerse themselves in the world of augmented reality.

(only one such session per week, on a first come first served basis – * a small additional cost might apply if the number of participants exceeds [tbd])

Organisations with up to 50 full time employees


For SMEs this medium tier price point offers a unique opportunity to get management, communication and creative teams on-board the quantum leap to the boundless opportunities offered by augmented reality. Our interactive sessions not only inform but equally inspire your teams to think outside the box… or rather outside the screen.

Multinationals & Organisations with more than 50 full time employees


When speed is of the essence and you want to bring your entire organisation up to speed with the infinite communication and advertising opportunities created by augmented reality, then this session is sure to deliver exactly that.  Bring along all your management teams and creative stakeholders for what is bound to be a firework of information and inspiration.

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If you want to learn more about the actual Masterclasses, please get in touch using the form below.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24h.

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